Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Increase the speed of Tata Photon+


Here, I am introducing a trick to increase the speed of Tata Photon Plus..

For that,
Open Network Connections by executing following command in ‘Run’ Window.

Once the window is open,Right Click on the Tata Photon+ connection icon.
Select Properties.

We need to make some configuratin changes in this connection.
The expected screen after making the changes should be as below:
After making the changes clean up your temporary files by executing the below steps.
Delete all files coming up in the respective folders.

Deleting temporary files for system speed.

Performing the following steps can also help

1.In Run command type netsh winsock reset
A window will pop up and disapppear.
2.In Run command type netsh int ip resetlog.txt
A window will pop up and disapppear.
3.Go to Internet explorer,select Tools-> Internet option- delete cookies and files.
4.In the same window Go to Advanced tab.
Enable third party browser extensions.
5.Using programs like Netstumber or TCPOptimizer can also help
6.Restart your System.

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