Friday, 3 February 2012

How to Open RAR Files on Windows

WinRAR is perhaps the most useful program to open .rar files on Windows. You candownload WinRAR here.
Once WinRAR is installed follow the below mentioned method to open .rar files.

  • Right click on the .rar file that you want to open and select ‘open’
  • A window like the below one will appear once you open it
  • Select ‘Extract Files’ if you want to save them in a separate location and click on ‘Extract Here’ if you want to store it in the same location. Just look at the picture
  • If you have selected ‘Extract Here’ then look for the files in same location, if not then a window like the following one will open
  • Now the file is opened
That’s the easiest me method to open .rar files on Windows.


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