Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to Open RAR File on Mac

You May have studied about RAR Files in the previous post..

Generally, special software is required for opening .rar files on Mac. Well, a Mac user can open a RAR file easily by applying the following method.


  • Expand the .rar file with decompression software
  • Learn properly about .rar files
  • Use the Stufflt Expander. This in built program can decompress .rar files in computers run on Mac OS X.
  • Apply a file decompression tool that works with Mac like UnrarX. It’s available with Mac OS X 10.0 and higher configurations.
  • Download softwares like RAR. Expander that supports Apple scripts and can decompress multiple archives at a time.
  • Drag the .rar files and drop them on the icon of the expander software. The software will expand and open RAR files for Mac users then.


  1. there are lots of software (most of them are free) available on Mac app store, for example "The Unarchiver" tool can unarchive, zip, rar, 7 zip and various other formats.


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