Thursday, 8 December 2011

Change your Yahoo & Gmail Password.!

Dear Friends.

Our brother "kutty" has requested to explain how to change Yahoo mail password as a comment on previous post. So today we can study how to change Yahoo and Gmail password.. It is easy.. :)

Change Yahoo Password :

Note that changing password in Yahoo! always applies not only for Yahoo! mail, but only other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Finance and My Yahoo!..

For Changing Yahoo! password,

1. First login to the account.

2.Click your name (in this example, User) in the Hi, User greeting at the top-left of the page. From the menu that appears, select Account Info. A new browser screen appears asking you to verify your password.

3. Type your password into the box and click Sign In. The Account Information page appears.

4. From the Account Info menu, select Change Password.

5. Type your Current Password in the first box.

6. Type your New Password in the second box.

7. Confirm your New Password by typing it again in the third box.

8. Click Save. Your password has been changed.

Change Gmail Password :

1. Fist Login to your Gmail account

2. Click settings on any Gmail page on the top right corner.

3. Open the Accounts tab which is next to the General tab and the Labels tab.

4. In the new window, click change password under the Personal Information option.

5. Type your current password and your desired new password.

Hope you all like this.. :)

Thank You.!


  1. Useful tips for those who does not know how to change their passwords...

    I would like to share some info...People always are careful to set a strong password , but are not always careful to make the password recovery question & answer equally tough. The result is , somebody who know the account holder personally can easily try his luck by going to the Lost password recovery page of the user and by entering the very common answers like date of birth , mothers maiden name - hack the account.

    So be equally careful to make the security queston also tough to guess.

  2. @ Shihab A Hassan :

    Thank you bro. for sharing these tips..

  3. plz send me How to Setup in Facebook Account?
    my mail is :


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