Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Best Gmail Security Tips...

Dear Friends..
We are using Gmail.. But are you sure that your account is 100% secured? Note that thousands of Gmail accounts are hacked or hijacked everyday.. Gmail itself is coming with new security tips such as SMS Authentication, Application passwords , etc.

But we also must be aware of this. Today we can study about some important tips to make our Gmail account safe..

1. Always use HTTPS : This is a great feature from security point of view in Gmail. HTTPS is secure protocol for transmission of vital information on web in encrypted form. Although, when we sign into our Gmail account, https is used but to make sure https is used throughout our session for our Gmail account, we need to enable this option from Gmail settings. HTTPS makes mail little slower than normal but security should be of our prime concern.

2. Activate 2-Step Security : Above your inbox, you may have noted the message from Gmail to activate 2-Step security. First Click on the link and give your mobile number. So that everytime when you are signing in, an SMS will be delivered to your mobile. And using that code only you can sign in. If you are using your own computer, you can "check" that "30 Days Remember pack"  so that SMS Verification will be only once a month.. Also by this security, specific code will be provided to use Application Softwares like GoogleTalk, Fring, etc.

3 . Remember to log-out : Even if you are using your own computer, it is good to log out when your activity is over. If you are using a public computer in Internet Cafe or something else, make sure that you have unchecked the "Remember me" or "Keep me Signed in" option while logging out. Clear cookies, passwords before leaving public computer.

4 . Change Password : It is good to change your password atleast in a month. Note, remember the new one :) . Also dont put guesseble passwords such as your mobile number, mother's name , etc. Also dont use 12345 and abcdefg as passwords..

5. Attachments : Gmail scans each and every attachments you receive or send for viruses or threats. But even then, it is not advised to download attachments from untrusted source. This will keep your computer safe.

Today we can stop right here and can continue after somedays if needed.. You can also share your tips to secure Gmail accounts..

Direct Link to this Post : http://tricklabs.blogspot.com/2011/12/best-gmail-security-tips.html

Thank You.!


  1. Direct Link to this Post : http://tricklabs.blogspot.com/2011/12/best-gmail-security-tips.html

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