Sunday, 3 June 2012

Free SMS sites in India provide free sms to all over the world, 160by2 support out of the 140 character of standard sms, 160by2 also support group sms, sms alert, 160by2 does not support 9pm to 9am group smsing and does not support sms to DND numbers. Sms delivering almost instantly. 

Another leading sms sites are 
fullonsms, provide free sms to DND numbers) , 

youmint, indyarocks, smsfi, freesms8, amitoos.

SMS 440: Worldwide free sms send Sms440 is a worldwide free sms service provider, support 440 character sms sending in indian mobile both CDMA and GSM, SMS440 provide all indian language sms, schedule SMS for any date in future


  1. Free....Free Good job!!! Nice Blog... i also like to serve you, kindly do let us know hou we can help regarding sms sites or you need fixed.. more info:

  2. THANK YOU. I have been thinking about doing this for some time. I was up late and decided to look it up. Your post was just the ticket. Thank you again.

  3. Nice list of site to send sms to india. To send free sms to nepal read this list sms to nepal

  4. it have been a while i have see in another website he have post free sms send not just in india but everywhere without registration, i don't remeber where exactly but i have take 1 of those website i'm using it all the time, use search engine if your want to find more.

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