Friday, 11 May 2012

Copy Text from an image..! - Why OCR Software? : NEW TRICK

Trick to Copy Text From Any Image (without OCR Software)

Do you need certain information in the form of text from scanned copies of documents.Either you can write the whole text by typing or you can use an OCR software.OCR (optical Character recognition) is method to extract text from images.It can recognise handwritten,printed or typewritten text and can reproduce them into editable word ortxt format. These OCR software also preserve the formmating of the orignal scanned document into converted document.They are not 100% accurate and the converted document still requires some editing.But it is better to use an OCR software and do some editing rather to type the whole Doument.

if you have microsoft office installed in your computer then you won’t need any other third-party software as you can useMicrosoft Office OneNote to copy text from image.

For this you have toinstall MS-Office on your system. Now openMicrosoft Office OneNote (Start–>All Programs–>Microsoft Office–>Microsoft Office OneNote). Drag and Drop the image in the MS-OneNote window from which you want copy the text.

Now Right-Click on the image and select Copy Text From Picture option. is a good trick site..
it posts computer, mobile tricks everyday..
Open Notepad or MS-Office (where you want save the text) and paste the content there. Now you have the whole text in your notepad or Ms-Office.You can edit or format it and save only the required excerpt.

Hope you all will be happy to know this trick..

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  1. Hello,

    This is a very good site to know about OCR software has been around as long as computers have to connect the printed world with the electronic one. OCR methods today recognize a spectrum of colors and they can distinguish between the background and the forefront in documents. The content of your site is very informative. Thanks...

  2. Thank you, very useful.
    I use GT Text for this

    Is better when images are more difficult
    and it is free.

  3. The original project page of GT Text is

  4. Hi,

    Your post is very interesting. I found this blog when I am searching for the best image to doc converter. The post is very helpful in my search.



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