Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Send free anonymous SMS..!!


Yesterday I came to know about one site, that we can send anoymous SMS to our frnz (only in india..) Anonymous SMS is the type of sms which we or other sends to the mobile with any random number, or you can say any fake mobile number, so the victim cannot know your identity. Its mainly used for this below purposes

  • To cheat Business men or normal person
  • To make money from fraud
  • For just Fun purposes

  • Visit Free Anonymous SMS website: Smsti
  • Type victim’s mobile number and then message
  • After click on Send
  • Then a small Security.
  • Finally Click on ‘Agree to Terms’
So friends I hope you enjoyed this new trick to send Anonymous SMS And also to prank your friends.. If you have any problem regarding this Anonymous SMS then please do share your problem via comments. I am always here to help you..


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