Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Windows XP Tricks (6&7)

Windows XP Trick 6:

If you want to copy files and folders to a CD, you can follow this trick. To do this, at first you have to insert a writable blank CD to your CD recorder. Then open My Computer and select the files and folders which you want to copy to your CD.
Then select copy this file /copy the selected items option from the left side of the window. After that click on CD recording drive, from the copy item dialog box and click on the Copy button.  After that, simply open My Computer and double click on CD recording drive; click on ‘write this file to CD’ from ‘CD writing task’ on the left side of the window. Finally the Windows displays the CD Writing Wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard. By the above action you can copy the files and folders to your blank CD.
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Windows XP Trick 7:

If you want to view the hidden files of your hard disc drive, then you should go like this. Go to ‘Tools’ of the menu bar. Then click ‘Folder Option’ → ‘View’ → click the checkbox ‘Show hidden files and folders’. Then press ok button. Now all the hidden files and folders of your hard disc drive can be viewed by you.


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