Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Some Chrome Tricks

Chrome Trick 1 :

If you want to check the time that your website is taking for loading you can use this trick. To do this, just right click on a webpage and select the ‘Inspect Element’ option. Then simply choose the ‘resource’ tab and you can able to know the loading time of that website.  This trick is more useful for the Web Developers.

Chrome Trick 2 :

If you want fast access to any site, you can turn the site to ‘Desktop apps’. To do this, simply click on the ‘wrench’ icon (Customize and control Chrome) at the top right corner of your chrome window, then choose “Tools” option and select “create application shortcut” option; a widow will open from which you can select the place, where you want to create the shortcut. Just select “Desktop” and the shortcut will be created on your desktop as an icon. Now simply double click on that icon to open that website.

Chrome Trick 3:

After finishing any download, if you want to copy it to any folders of your computer, you can follow this easy trick used in chrome browser, to do this, simply click your mouse to that downloaded files and drag it to that folder where you want to copy that file, then just release your mouse. It will be copied to the folder in your computer.

Chrome Trick 4 :

If you want to auto complete your address at the address bar, then you can use the ‘auto fill’ feature of chrome. To do this, go to the top right corner of your chrome window and just click on the ‘wrench’ icon (Customize and control Chrome) and then choose “Option”. Then select “Personal Stuff” tab; click on the “Auto Fill” option. Then enter your details by selecting “Add Address” option. By using this trick you do not have to type your address again and again


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