Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Keyboard Tricks for Windows XP

Keyboard Tricks for Windows XP Users

Keyboard Trick 1 : High Contrast

If you want to enlarge the font of all the opened windows in your computer and change colors to high contrast, then you can use this keyboard trick.
To use it, you have to press Shift, Alt and PrntScrn button together in your keyboard, [Shift]+[Alt]+[PrntScrn]. After that a window will open in the screen, click on ‘ok’ button or simply press the enter button on your keyboard.

Keyboard Trick 2 : Rotate Screen

If you want to rotate the screen or desktop of your computer, you can use this keyboard trick. (Note: This trick varies machine to machine depending on graphics card and video driver). To rotate the screen, press [ctrl]+[Alt]+[up/down/left/right].

Keyboard Trick 3 : Mass Control Open Windows

It will help you to select different program or windows. To do this u have to press [Ctrl] + select items from the taskbar, right click on the selected item.

Keyboard  Trick 4 : Switch Between Running Programs

When you want to jump to the next application within an open window, you can use this. To use this press [Tab] button on the keyboard and when you will reach your desired place simply release the button. You can switch between running program by pressing [Alt]+[Tab].

Keyboard Trick 5 : Bypass Recycle Bin

If you want to delete any file from your computer without sending it to the recycle bin, press [Shift]+[Delete], after selecting the file. A window will open, click on ‘Yes’ button or press ‘Enter’.

Keyboard Trick 6 : Show Desktop or Restore Open Window

It helps you to minimize all open windows and show your desktop. To do this, you have to press [Windows]+[D].
Keyboard Trick 7 : Lock System
You can lock and protect your computer easily by this keyboard trick, and when you restart your computer, all the applications will still be running and the windows will still be left as previous. To do this press [Windows]+[L].


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