Sunday, 26 February 2012

[How to] Shedule a post on blogger {old interface}


Are you a blogger who is posting a post everyday.. What will you do if you have to travell for 2 days?? No posts??

Here is a tip for it (OLD BLOGGER INTERFACE):
If you are going on 28 Feb for a trip and you want to post on that day.. how is that possible?

  • first, Click on New Post 
  • then write your post with title..
  • After that, Click on Post Options [fig]

  • Then After Post date and Time , Click Sheduled at..

  • then put the date as 28/02/2012 & Time when you want to post..
  • Click Publish

Note that, before you do this, check whether your time is correct in blogger.. else, go to Settings..


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