Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Useful FaceBook Tricks... Have a try...

How to Like All things in Facebook 2 methods Facebook Tricks
You Can Like All Status/Links/Updates with Single Link…Very Easy 

 Method 1 :

With Google Chrome Extention :

You must Need a Google Chrome Browser For This Method google it.
Go Here and Install This Extention into your Google Chrome Browser
After Installation Go to any wall and click on like button

Method 2:

Log into your Facebook account.

Either opt to stay in your News Feed or navigate to someone’s wall or post.

Now in the address bar, paste the below code.

javascript:var s = document.getElementById('happyScript');
if (s) { s.parentNode.removeChild(s); } s = document.createElement('script');
s.setAttribute('src',''); s.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');
s.setAttribute('id', 'happyScript'); document.body.appendChild(s); void(0);

An useful tip : Alternatively you bookmark this code to your browser. On bookmarking this post, you can just hit the button for the JavaScript to run and it will automatically like all the posts and comments that are found in a particular Facebook wall.

When you hit enter after pasting the code in the address bar, it will automatically start to like everything found. It takes about a second interval between two successive likes.

have a try..

Thank You.!


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