Sunday, 22 January 2012

How to Hide your Facebook Email Address from others

So, you are a total Facebook Addict and always to use Facebook and Stay updated with your friends but do you know that your account isn't safe yet if you are not hiding your Email Address. That is what most h@ckers are seeking for in your Facebook Account. Displaying your Email Address is they only key for them to break into your Account. A few days ago one of my friends account account got h@acked and he felt helpless. And the h@cker took the advantage and wrote abuses on my friend's walls and even via messages. What if the same condition happens with you? It's obvious that you will feel helpless. So, if you want to avoid such situations, you need to take a step forward to prevent from it. You need to hide your Email Address from other Facebook Users and your friends too. 

How to Hide your Facebook Email Address from others:

      1. Login into your Facebook Account.
      2. Go to your profile info. You can do it easily by going to your profile and clicking on About.
      3. Now you will be redirected to profile info page which contains all information about you. Scroll down and find Contact info and click on Edit.
      4. You will be seeing Emails field on the top. Click on Settings button present at the right side in the form of a lock symbol. Now a dropdown menu will appear, Choose Only me from it. And hit Save button.
      5. That's all! You have assured maximum security for your Facebook Account. So, you have done this process and you have Hide your Facebook Email Address from others!

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