Saturday, 28 January 2012

Browse Internet Using Another Windows 7 Computer Internet Connection

Internet has become one of the vital part of our life. Laptops and personal computers are used to connect to the web. Various technologies and the latest configuration in hardware enable us to connect more easily. WiFi is definitely one of such technologies where you need a WiFi Router and a WiFi enabled device or a laptop to easily connect to the Internet. But, what if you have multiple wireless-enabled PCs or devices, a wired internet connection, but still no wireless router to connect to Internet. In such scenarios, one of the way is to use one of the utility available over the web which can be used to create a virtual router in your laptop. Although,
earlier also we have discussed some of such utilities which can be used to create WiFi hotpot and virtual router in your system, but today the utility which we are going to discuss today has several distinct features which makes it different form other utilities of its kind.
Virtual WiFi Router is a small, useful, easy to use and a completely free utility which can be used to serve the above mentioned purpose. This utility is remarkable in the sense that setting up your wireless hotspot becomes simple through it. For setting up that wireless hotspot, all you need is to run this program, by providing a name and password for your network, and that is all. Rest all will be managed by this utility and your wi-fi hotspot will be up and running within minutes which can be thus used to connect different PCs and laptops to web.

As, you might know that Windows 7 have new ’Virtual Wifi’ and ’Wireless Hosted Network’ features which allows the user to configure the PC in order to set up a wi-fi hotspot, provided, of course, that the wifi device and its driver support this feature as well, which is very essential and important. Saying this, it automatically means that this software will have to run on Windows 7 to work but will not run on XP or Vista as they don’t have this feature.


So, if you want to use this utility then you may download it from the link given below and it can be easily installed on your system. After this you may see that some of its features really makes it different from other utilities of its kind. Its ease of use, as previously mentioned, allows the user to get a wifi connection running almost instantly after install, and only had to set a password to do so. For security purpose it has WPA2 encryption by default, which helps in establishing a secured network. You may observe that its performance is excellent and the wifi connection established is fast and responsive.

So, overall we can say that it is an excellent software that can be quite handy, and can get you up and running in two clicks. So, just download it and explore its features

Download Virtual WiFi Router


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