Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Computer Will Read What you have Typed.!

Dear Friends..

Today We can discuss about a simple trick that everyone using Windows can do. All we need is a Notepad. By this trick, our computer will read what we type. For example, if we type "Thanks" , then we can hear computer reading "Thanks" ..!!

This trick may be used for knowing the correct pronounsation of the words. Or we can reacord it by recording softwares and can be used for documentary recordings also. After getting familiar to this, we can get many such softwares from google by searching "'text to speech applications"  The main advantages for such softwares is that , we can choose accent variations such as American, Britain, Male, Female etc.

Before that, we can check this trick.. For this, first open Notepad ( Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad)

Then paste this :

Dim userInput
userInput = InputBox("Hi..! Write a message  to say… by TrickLabs")
Set nkps = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
nkps.speak userInput

After this Save this as .vbs as extention.. For ease, give name as "tricklabs.vbs"

Save in the Desktop. Then close it. Then You can see "TrickLabs" icon on the desktop. Click on it. And type what you want computer to read for you. 

Then Click "OK". You can hear computer reading what you have typed.

Thank You.!


  1. There are many tricks like this.. if readers know it, share it here.. :)

    Thanks for visiting..

  2. @ ശിഖണ്ഡി : welcome.. thanks for visiting this blog

  3. Thank you.
    Here is my blog: www.ninja-scripts.com

  4. Nice. Very good post. Here is more in my blog.

  5. wow.................mazaa aa gaya. keep it up.

    -----------shiv sharma (rajasthan)


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